Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins on Razor Shark

Top 10 Biggest Slot Wins on Razor Shark

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Get ready for some deep-sea slot wins on Push Gaming’s popular slot Razor Shark.
For details about the new game, feel free to check out:

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  1. CasinoGrounds

    Get all the latest slots from Push Gaming here:

  2. Arman Bahrami

    Do you want a video of me winning 12.000x on Razor shark, dm me

  3. Beyond Horizonts

    Just for a reference, i just got x300 free spins, got 0 scatters, won 45 € ( free spins were 10 cent worth ) you can do the math

  4. Pride Beatbox

    Thats coming on uhm what was the name of the site? Ah yeah casinogrounds
    Welcome casino grounds xD

  5. dagur Þórarinsson

    just got a 2000x on this crazy

  6. Patriotic Scot

    Haha back when I trolled skyline by typing to him knowing fine we'll he can't be arsed replying the bawbag

  7. hieu trung

    In viet nam we say " không ăn được đâu"

  8. RubinR4

    Wir gehen rein, gönn Alge, ALGE ALGE ALGE JAAAAAAAAAAjsdjaifhuaefiaqwawddasasdojji ruhe, wir bleiben drinn

  9. Lily

    How this IS Even possible?

  10. miss slots uk

    Lovely video wow


    Wtf this is not big win bro check others big win was above 100 dollars

  12. Tanner Davis

    Go look up biggest razor shark win, 85,000x for a 4.2 million dollar win, unreal slot

  13. Anton Eslauer

    the first guy … please just never show him again . annoying AF jesus christ…

  14. NILNOD

    This is very special gaming channel I am loving it. Here has so many cast also

  15. NILNOD

    This is very special gaming channel I am loving it. Here has so many cast also

  16. Aparate Pacanele SD

    Big like💯👌

  17. Даниил Молоткин

    Vituss??x3000, win 300000 euro

  18. Mads

    Got the multiplier to 39x yesterday, no major hits tho. 680x my wager :/ which by all means is ok. But ya sort of feel robbed when ya get the bonus feature all the way to 39x.

  19. Heavyweightkhan

    Random michael hit 100k+ on this slot

  20. Zachary Dube

    I love this game I won 160 on it earlier today

  21. Ilkxy

    Watch "algear" he won more than all of these ytbers

  22. RentaroS

    This ding ding thingy is giga cringey

  23. Pokebrothers

    Wie kann man unger den top 10 best of alge einfach knossi vergessen. Wtf!?

  24. Dprkr Rkr


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